7 surefire ways to end the year

7 ways to help end the year

Wooooo…are you feeling that 2018 is rocketing to an end? The Spring racing carnival in Melbourne has us literally galloping at full speed to the finish line! How do we ‘pull up’ a little?

1. Pause – press the pause button. Life can become a pit-stop that we rush in and out from trying to get ‘fixed’. Likewise, busyness truly can never create meaning. More social media posts are not going to make you happy or successful. Above all, pause for peace and rewrite today’s priority list.

2. Observe – can you reflect back to your intention (in yoga, Sankalpa) as you started this year? Did you create a resolution, in other words a heartfelt promise to yourself? Kindly, without judgement, consider one small aspect of your intention that you can visualise or do now. If this sounds like a good practice for 2019, take a read of my blog, Summer Reflections. 

3. Breathe – this is your portable accessible stress management tool. When was the last time you took a fully conscious breath – being present with nothing else but the sensations, quality, capacity of your breath? Try it now…and do it again….What do you notice? Above all, deliberately commit to a least one fully conscious breath each day until 31 December.

4. Commit – all the Swami events in January 2019 will assist you to reset, and give you just the right inspiration and mindset for 2019. Consequently, book yourself in, or nudge your partner/family/boss to fill your Christmas stocking with a gift voucher

5. Rest – if your nerves are already frayed and your sleep affected, re-calibrate your nervous system by practising restorative yoga. These sessions book out well ahead so don’t leave it too long to book in!

6. Plan  – plan something now that will make your heart sing. Are you really happy or just comfortable? Step out and do that one small thing you’ve promised yourself this year. It may simply be a trip to the gallery alone. Or actually taking the time to come to class or meditate alone. It doesn’t have to cost money or be fancy to be beneficial! Be inspired.

7. Take the plunge – book yourself in for something new in the coming year.

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