About Experience Yoga

Imagine you are entering a temple where you can lay down your burdens and rest in the stillness.

Experience Yoga is a peaceful, private studio set in a tranquil Japanese garden, located in Brighton, Australia. This serene ambience and calm outlook embody that yoga is more than a physical practice.
Experience Yoga teaches traditional yoga classes alongside therapeutic courses, bringing health and well-being to those seeking a more balanced life.
All teaching is based on Integral Yoga®, a wholistic system that invites you to go deeper, to feed your soul and grow into wellness.
Private Yoga Therapy consultations, individual and corporate sessions are an integral part of the service.

Caroline is an incredibly gifted teacher creating a compassionate atmosphere in her warm well-appointed studio. Caroline instils a love of yoga in her students with her skill, compassion, and continual learning. Caroline clearly appreciates and attends to individual needs, so that we leave her studio revitalised and with a tranquil mind.

Joan, Masters swimmer, retiree

At Experience Yoga you discover:

My passion lies in teaching you balance and meaning both on and off the mat, creating vitality, harmony and peace of mind.

From my own daily practice and lifelong journey to create ease and calm within, I come to ‘teach’ you. Through many life challenges and losses, I have discovered that traditional yoga is the one constant that never leaves me.

From minor and major injuries, mild and serious health conditions, I bring empathy and a lived experience to you. Students stay with me for years, to gain this knowledge and evolve in their own life.

I stay committed to provide a high-quality service with integrity to meet you where you are at, whether on the phone/email, in a class or a private session.  I am passionate about standards in healthcare and am diligent in learning the most recent evidence-based practices.

I continue to challenge my commitment with ongoing mentoring from one of Integral Yoga’s most senior teachers, Swami Asokananda.

I have achieved the highest qualifications in my field as an internationally certified Yoga Therapist, a registered senior Yoga Teacher and mentor with Yoga Australia (Australia’s peak body for Yoga Teachers).

Caroline Giles Experience yoga studio melbourne

The sincerity in which Caroline applies the yogic teachings to all aspects of her life has transformed her into one of the most skilled yoga teachers that I know. When she invited me to teach in Australia in 2019, I witnessed the many ways she has been of service to her students. Watching her share her understanding of yoga was an act of beauty.

Swami Asokananda, senior monk, President, New York Integral Yoga Institute


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