Past Therapeutic Courses

Spring into Spring

Fridays 22 September – 8 December 2017 (10 classes)
Spring begins a new cycle of renewal, growth and expansion. It is a time to re-energise from warmer days and cultivate a spirit of aliveness. This course included both yin and yang: steadiness and presence whilst in strengthening and supple practice. This created balance through the energy body (koshas), to bring a felt sense of renewal.

Move all your joints freely

Fridays 12 May – 28 July 2017 (12 weeks)
Fourteen percent of Australians (3 million) are affected by back problems, followed by 8% with osteoarthritis (1.8 million), 3% with osteoporosis (728,000) and 2% with rheumatoid arthritis (445,000) according to 2011-12 self-reported estimates (AIHW). You cannot always prevent musculoskeletal conditions, however you can focus on muscle strength, joint flexibility and moving without pain using yogic techniques.

Calm body, cool mind

Fridays 3 February – 7 April 2017 (10 weeks)
This tailored course reacquainted you with the body and how when ‘held’, contributes to discomfort in the body, breath and mind. It included how to re-energise, release tension, find inner calm; settle down and focus through the breath; and manage stress with moving meditation.

Build a regular practice

Fridays @ 9.30 – 11am from 21 October – 16 December 2016 (9 weeks)
This course allowed you to learn and apply the foundational principles of traditional yoga. Whether new to yoga or a regular student, this course built confidence and skill in all aspects of yoga. Handouts included to promote a home practice.

Spring clean for energy and vitality

Fridays @ 9.30 – 11am from 2 September – 14 October 2016
This 6-week course taught yoga & meditation techniques to enhance health in Spring. It focused on boosting the immune system, shaking any lingering winter bugs and enhancing vital energy.

Balance body and mind

Fridays @ 9.30 – 11am from 1 July – 29 July 2016
This 5-week course focused on learning techniques to balance the body and quieten the mind. Techniques included strengthening muscles, safely ‘loading’ bones and re-centring to focus the mind.

Care for your back

Fridays @ 9.30 – 11am from 20 May – 24 June 2016
1 in 7 Australians report back pain and 2 in 5 experience limitation in day-day life (AIHW). This 6-week course focussed on the release of muscular stiffness to create poise and ease, by re-learning movement patterns. In-depth yoga strategies to ease your back, neck and shoulders taught by a Yoga Therapist and Yoga Teacher.

Help for the hips

Fridays @ 9.30 – 11am from 8 April – 13 May 2016
This 5-week course focused on stability through the pelvis, strengthening of related muscles to the hip joint and lengthening of surrounding ligaments, to promote optimal and safe movement of this joint in yoga.