Past Restorative Sessions

Wednesday 26 April 2017 @ 7.45 – 9pm
No experience with yoga was necessary to benefit from this workshop. We discovered where and how you hold stress in your physical and emotional systems and learnt ways to effectively release here, using your body, breath and mind. Practices included those that can be completed during your day.

By Caroline on the April 30, 2017

Saturdays 12 November 2016 & 18 February 2017 @ 3 – 5pm
This session included the opportunity to reduce the stress on physical and emotional systems by resting deeply and completely in restorative poses. This was followed by afternoon tea and a presentation from local Nutritionist Sal Prothero of Whole Food Nutrition, on the benefits of whole foods for your gut and health. Handouts included.

By Caroline on the March 21, 2017

Saturday 2 April afternoon workshop @ 2-4pm
Extend your relaxed Easter ‘holiday’ feeling by learning restorative poses to bring into your busy day. Take extended time to rest and renew in a practice that reduces stress, lowers heart rate and promotes healing. Learn how to practise these poses yourself at home.

By Caroline on the July 20, 2016

Wednesday 2 March @ 7.45 – 9pm
When you sacrifice quiet time to the demands of activity, your rhythms are disrupted. Your ability to relax body and mind directly affects your ability to fall and stay asleep. Research shows that the effect of poor sleep is equivalent to working when over .05. Learn techniques to enhance your sleep, improve your productivity and bring wellbeing into your days.

By Caroline on the July 20, 2016

Wednesday 1 June @ 7.45 – 9pm
With the start of winter, the practice of specific restorative poses will affect your body’s capacity to deal with immune reactions in your system. Open to all, come and join this session to strengthen your immune capabilities, before the cold begins! No experience of yoga required.

By Caroline on the July 20, 2016

Wednesday 4 May @ 7.45 – 9pm
The breath is synonymous with life itself. Positively influence your vital capacity, enhance your performance and calm your mind with these restorative practices. Open to all, come and join this session. I look forward to taking some deeper breaths with you.

By Caroline on the July 20, 2016

Saturday 2 July afternoon workshop @ 2-4pm
An afternoon of self-care to experience the deeply restful aspect of being fully supported with bolsters, blocks and blankets in poses. The extended time enhances the therapeutic aspects of healing, recovery and stress reduction. Finish and re-centre with a herbal tea and an organic bliss ball.

By Caroline on the July 11, 2016