Past Retreats

Experience Yoga studio
In a morning practice we shifted stuck energy in Winter, to enhance qi flow within the meridians through asana, Qi Gong and breathing practices. Taught by Tarryn Bennett, Yoga Teacher, we harmonised the water element, the element that governs Winter. In the afternoon session Caroline Giles, Yoga Therapist, taught practices to purify and nourish our systems, particularly using the breath and mind. We left feeling refreshed and replenished.

WINTER DAY RETREAT 2017, Experience Yoga studio
Stress management for body and
I am humbled by the experience. Patrick
I now remember the power of taking a moment to breathe. Suzanne
A beautiful space to learn and practise. Sue

SPRING DAY RETREAT 2016, private residence Ballan
I can’t remember the last time I felt so relaxed. Way more relaxing and rejuvenating than a day at a spa. Thank you! Smeeta
I enjoyed the peace, no phones, no watches. I felt world’s away from my busy stressful life and the issues that go with it. Jo
A fantastic opportunity to rebalance in a very special place with a caring and capable teacher. Helen
A great way to leave life behind and enjoy my day on this wonderful property. Joan

SPRING DAY RETREAT 2015, private residence Ballan
Just a beautiful, inspiring, restoring and relaxing day. I feel extremely lucky to have been here. Amanda
Thank you, Caroline for what you instill in our lives. Your calm nature, your guidance are even and flowing. Joan
Great day, well organised, makes a difference to get out of Melbourne. Elizabeth

By Caroline on the October 28, 2016

Continental House, Hepburn Springs
As we give ourselves a tiny margin, a sliver of space to pause….and aim to do this during our day…we begin to connect with a different centre of stillness and listening ..and we find a new centre from which to live. Inviting Silence, G. Norris

I loved the teachings and the peace and calm. John
I’m not a morning person but saluting the sun (literally!) was really fabulous! Jo
A thoughtfully prepared, sequenced and delivered program. Deb


By Caroline on the October 28, 2016