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Yoga Therapy

The Yin to your Yang

The yang (stronger, dynamic) part of ourselves is important to nurture, as it creates action and allows us to get things done. However, to create down time…

Deepen your yoga practice

5 ways to deepen your practice

As the popularity of yoga has grown, so has a focus on the physicality of yoga. We can experience more than the physical aspects, even on the mat. This…

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My 3 words for 2019

‘Use Your Words’ is the name of a book I received last Christmas. It was to encourage my intention to write more in 2019, perhaps even start a book. Looking back now, I discover that I fell way…

Pain body

Yoga for your pain body

Most people who come to my business are seeking self-care for their bodies, emotions and mind for the long haul. They understand that there are no ‘quick fixes’. They accept that habitual patterns…

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Yoga Therapy

7 misconceptions about yoga

Yoga is now seen as anything from a lithe female in a ‘bikini’ pose on Instagram to a vegan fringe dweller following Yoga with Adrienne on YouTube. Seriously ‘yoga’ is none of this and social media…

Yoga Philosophy

Bula Fiji

My recent 12-day holiday in Fiji was a resounding reminder of the 4 ‘locks and keys’ in yoga, and the power of connection, acceptance. The ‘locks and keys’ in yoga (Sutra 1.33) explain how to…

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Yoga Therapy

What is Yoga Therapy?

Therapeutically, yoga is like a life raft. Yoga Therapy gets you back onto the life raft and integrated into yourself, before you drown! Gary Kraftsow, pioneer Yoga Therapist There is a growing…


Why meditate?

In a world that keeps turning at an ever-increasing pace, it feels essential to find a still point and experience our natural state of calm and peace. Current research, evidence-based guidelines and…