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Yoga Therapy

7 misconceptions about yoga

Yoga is now seen as anything from a lithe female in a ‘bikini’ pose on Instagram to a vegan fringe dweller following Yoga with Adrienne on YouTube. Seriously ‘yoga’ is none of this and social media…

Yoga Philosophy

Bula Fiji

My recent 12-day holiday in Fiji was a resounding reminder of the 4 ‘locks and keys’ in yoga, and the power of connection, acceptance. The ‘locks and keys’ in yoga (Sutra 1.33) explain how to…

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Yoga Therapy

What is Yoga Therapy?

Therapeutically, yoga is like a life raft. Yoga Therapy gets you back onto the life raft and integrated into yourself, before you drown! Gary Kraftsow, pioneer Yoga Therapist There is a growing…


Why meditate?

In a world that keeps turning at an ever-increasing pace, it feels essential to find a still point and experience our natural state of calm and peace. Current research, evidence-based guidelines and…

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Being authentic in business

It’s ok to be scared. Being scared means you’re about to do something really, really, really brave. @the.good.vibes.girl At the end of Swami Asokananda’s last event in Melbourne, this photo was…


Swami downunder

‘Better to be a slow buddy than no buddy at all.’ There were countless gems of wisdom shared for teachers, students, friends alike, by Swami Asokananda on his first visit to Australia in January…

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7 surefire ways to end the year

Wooooo…are you feeling that 2018 is rocketing to an end? The Spring racing carnival in Melbourne has us literally galloping at full speed to the finish line! How do we ‘pull up’ a little? …

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My inspiring clients

All my students are inspiring! Truly. Whether they (or you) come once or countless times to my studio, they all have a story. A story of their journey to start yoga and their intention to continue….