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New York City with a Swami!

Yes, Swamis live in the heart of New York City. Thankfully there is some peaceful presence in the city that never sleeps. Behind the narrow building of Integral Yoga® Institute in Greenwich Village,…

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How to heal your emotions

‘Your issues are in your tissues’. I like these words! I find them comforting. They were kindly spoken to me during my first yoga teacher training. My emotions were bubbling over and I was having a…

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Yoga Therapy

The benefits of yoga

Yoga has become a household word with an abundance of teachers, courses, studios, YouTube videos, clothing and equipment flooding the market. Recent Ray Morgan research (2015-16) indicates that…

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Be-come your own best friend

I LOVE my friends! I LOVE knowing they are out there, even when I don’t see them. I SO enjoy creating gifts of kindness for them, and being there during the good and the tough times. But is this…

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Lessons learnt from a Swami

I was delighted however truthfully super nervous, to host our overseas Integral Yoga® Swami Ramananda, in January this year. I only had about 1000 questions to the organiser on protocol! I cleaned…

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Yoga Therapy

What’s Yoga got to do with it..Yoga Therapy

By the time you leave a yoga class, most people experience some improvement in their health and wellbeing. That’s why many doctors, health practitioners (and spouses!) are recommending yoga, to help…

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Yoga Therapy

Guest blog: How to heal your gut and mind

Welcome to my first guest blog! I’m delighted that Sal Prothero, Nutritionist from Whole Food Nutrition, is teaming up with Experience Yoga at a weekend restorative session. The focus of her talk is…

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Start off your day the healthy way

I was delighted recently when Bupa Life Insurance approached me to feature in a new article on healthy morning rituals: Lifestyle Experts Share Their Healthy Morning Habits. As quoted by Bupa…