Blog 1

How to get up again, when you fall

We all fall, life gives us all knocks and bumps. Sometimes it feels like the world has just imploded on our doorstep, other times it is less intrusive. No one is immune! Someone else’s life may…

Therapeutic Yoga

Summer reflections

Reflections at the end of a year can be both insightful and encouraging. How often have you truly stopped this year, paused in your scheduling, rather than moving onto the next and the next? Just…

Blog 2
Yoga Therapy

20 ways to practise your yoga

There are countless ways to practise yoga, that don’t involve being stretchy/bendy or even getting on a mat! In fact, the mat is simply the practice ground for life off the mat. Yoga offers us…

Blog 3

New York City with a Swami!

Yes, Swamis live in the heart of New York City. Thankfully there is some peaceful presence in the city that never sleeps. Behind the narrow building of Integral Yoga® Institute in Greenwich Village,…

Yoga and emotions

How to heal your emotions

‘Your issues are in your tissues’. I like these words! I find them comforting. They were kindly spoken to me during my first yoga teacher training. My emotions were bubbling over and I was having a…

Blog 4
Yoga Therapy

The benefits of yoga

Yoga has become a household word with an abundance of teachers, courses, studios, YouTube videos, clothing and equipment flooding the market. Recent Ray Morgan research (2015-16) indicates that…

Yoga and relationship

Be-come your own best friend

I LOVE my friends! I LOVE knowing they are out there, even when I don’t see them. I SO enjoy creating gifts of kindness for them, and being there during the good and the tough times. But is this…

Blog 5

Lessons learnt from a Swami

I was delighted however truthfully super nervous, to host our overseas Integral Yoga® Swami Ramananda, in January this year. I only had about 1000 questions to the organiser on protocol! I cleaned…