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10 shortcuts to Letting Go

‘I have been so sad about leaving your classes.’ These were the words from a weekly student of some 5 years, after her final evening class at my studio last week. She lives in the country and has…

Blog 2

Get rid of unhelpful thoughts

Last Saturday night (no not at the pub!) I sat preparing my mind and my intention for a havan (fire ceremony) at Satyananda ashram, which is situated deep within the Wombat State forest. I observed…

Blog 3
Yoga Therapy

5 yoga tips for your back – no mat

One in 7 Australians report back pain and as a result 2 in 5 experience some limitation in their day to day life (Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, 2012). Many use medication,…

Blog 4

Playing small in life..do you?

Late last year I was feeling overwhelmed and ‘lost’ in my business. I knew that yoga was where I wanted and wished to be, however each day was a constant energy investment far greater than the…

Blog 5

Keep your cool at Christmas

Christmas comes every year, followed by the beginning of a new year, yet each year we can repeat the same patterns. We get caught in the frenzy, put pressure on ourselves, anticipate family…

How to manage your mind for good

Manage your mind for ‘good’…

An early swim this morning with a friend in a rather cool, no-frills public pool had me reflecting.. it’s not only sitting on a meditation cushion that enables my mind to focus on the ‘good’. After…

Blog 6
Yoga Therapy

Yoga for heart health

Hearing a cardiologist speak at the recent Australian Yoga Therapy conference truly placed a smile on my face. Finally a medical professional was amidst a group of dedicated Yoga Therapists, clearly…