Deepen your yoga practice

5 ways to deepen your practice

As the popularity of yoga has grown, so has a focus on the physicality of yoga. We can experience more than the physical aspects, even on the mat. This…

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Yoga for your pain body

Most people who come to my business are seeking self-care for their bodies, emotions and mind for the long haul. They understand that there are no ‘quick fixes’. They accept that habitual patterns…

Sunset from the pier

5 lessons from my foot karma

Thinking we have life all stitched up, that we are heading in the right direction, becomes a salutary reminder, when life trips us up. To be honest, I know there are lessons in all life’s mishaps….

From broken to beautiful, kintsugi

Kintsugi is an ancient Japanese craft that uses golden lacquer to restore broken ceramics. The essence of kintsugi is the focus on life’s hidden beauty. Most of all, the power of transforming…

How to get up again, when you fall

We all fall, life gives us all knocks and bumps. Sometimes it feels like the world has just imploded on our doorstep, other times it is less intrusive. No one is immune! Someone else’s life may…

Start off your day the healthy way

I was delighted recently when Bupa Life Insurance approached me to feature in a new article on healthy morning rituals: Lifestyle Experts Share Their Healthy Morning Habits. As quoted by Bupa…