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There are countless ways to practise yoga, that don’t involve being stretchy/bendy or even getting on a mat! In fact, the mat is simply the practice ground for life off the mat. Yoga offers us guidelines for conscious living, to bring into all dimensions of our day.

By Caroline on the November 9, 2017
New York CIty

Yes, Swamis live in the heart of New York City. Thankfully there is some peaceful presence in the city that never sleeps. Behind the narrow building of Integral Yoga® Institute in Greenwich Village, are beautiful studios filled with calm energy from yogis’ dedicated practice. And their living quarters make my bedroom with ensuite look like a palace! Read more on

By Caroline on the October 3, 2017

It’s all about you! Apparently the majority of small business owners write about themselves….gulp… It is though a constant edge between credibility and exposure.

So for now I hope this article speaks to you. Read more on

By Caroline on the July 24, 2017

Yoga has become a household word with an abundance of teachers, courses, studios, YouTube videos, clothing and equipment flooding the market. Recent Ray Morgan research (2015-16) indicates that approximately 2 million people practise in Australia, either regularly or occasionally. So what is yoga and why are so many people trying classes? Read more on

By Caroline on the June 7, 2017
Swami Ramananda

I was delighted however truthfully super nervous, to host our overseas Integral Yoga® Swami Ramananda, in January this year. I only had about 1000 questions to the organiser on protocol! I cleaned every inch of the house, did a double take of the pantry including the shelf of alcohol (which we actually don’t drink, truly!) and started a search for interesting vegan recipes. Read more on

By Caroline on the February 6, 2017
Gut and mind

Welcome to my first guest blog! I’m delighted that Sal Prothero, Nutritionist from Whole Food Nutrition, is teaming up with Experience Yoga at a weekend restorative session. The focus of her talk is on your gut… Read more on

By Caroline on the October 13, 2016

Fifteen years ago (yes 15!) I booked to go on my first yoga and meditation retreat. I was tentative and nervous as it was for 12 days, I barely knew the facilitators and it was overseas. However, I thought some time-out and warmth in Bali could not be all bad…and that was true. Read more on

By Caroline on the September 14, 2016
Letting go

‘I have been so sad about leaving your classes.’ These were the words from a weekly student of some 5 years, after her final evening class at my studio last week. She lives in the country and has just rented out her city apartment so no longer can come.   Read more on

By Caroline on the July 27, 2016

Late last year I was feeling overwhelmed and ‘lost’ in my business. I knew that yoga was where I wanted and wished to be, however each day was a constant energy investment far greater than the return on satisfaction (let alone income). Read more on

By Caroline on the April 1, 2016