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Hearing a cardiologist speak at the recent Australian Yoga Therapy conference truly placed a smile on my face. Finally a medical professional was amidst a group of dedicated Yoga Therapists, clearly espousing that yoga is a method that directly addresses the risk factors of cardiac disease. Read more on

By Caroline on the October 1, 2015

Business men do come to yoga..and continue…I’d never taught yoga for a global corporate, despite teaching yoga in the workplace for many years. So when I was approached last year by such a company, who were keen to address staff well-being by sponsoring a weekly yoga class, I was a little daunted..


By Caroline on the April 6, 2015

Why is it that the ratio of men to women in most yoga studios is a 20/80 split?
I know many have brought a partner or male friend to class… Read more on

By Caroline on the November 29, 2013