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Reflections at the end of a year can be both insightful and encouraging. How often have you truly stopped this year, paused in your scheduling, rather than moving onto the next and the next? Just like on the mat when your mind and body are already anticipating the next pose?

A time of contemplation as one year closes can be so beneficial but Read more on

By Caroline on the December 11, 2017

‘Your issues are in your tissues’.  I like these words! I find them comforting. They were kindly spoken to me during my first yoga teacher training. My emotions were bubbling over and I was having a deeply heartfelt cry – nothing else was possible in that moment. Crying (for me!) releases stored emotions as well as physical and mental tensions.  Read more on

By Caroline on the June 21, 2017

I LOVE my friends! I LOVE knowing they are out there, even when I don’t see them. I SO enjoy creating gifts of kindness for them, and being there during the good and the tough times. But is this simply a smoke screen… do I regularly give myself all this care and attention, am I a good friend to myself, especially my mind? Read more on

By Caroline on the April 13, 2017

Last Saturday night (no not at the pub!) I sat preparing my mind and my intention for a havan (fire ceremony) at Satyananda ashram, which is situated deep within the Wombat State forest.  I observed the accumulation of thoughts in my head from the previous week (and month!), some lingering ones…  Read more on

By Caroline on the June 10, 2016

An early swim this morning with a friend in a rather cool, no-frills public pool had me reflecting.. it’s not only sitting on a meditation cushion that enables my mind to focus on the ‘good’. After all, I’d just set an alarm early on a public holiday, knowing that the outcome of exercising outdoors would be beneficial for my mind! Thinking about the working day ahead (and writing this blog) I asked my friend.. Read more on

By Caroline on the November 6, 2015

‘Make a positive impact in the world and create more focus, clarity and calm for yourself. Be part of a mindful community… Read more on

By Caroline on the April 21, 2014

We are constantly bombarded with ideas, devices, solutions, you name it, to bring happiness… Read more on

By Caroline on the July 23, 2013

Smiling Mind is a website I recently discovered whilst searching the literature on mindfulness meditation. It is a fun and funky website designed to approach meditation in a modern way  for young people.

By Caroline on the April 25, 2013