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Short Safe Yoga Therapy Practices

Somatic Shoulder Release

Gentle movement re-patterning to align and release your (tight) muscles in the shoulders and neck.

Spinal Breathing

A simple way to feel centred and present in the body, especially if you are feeling restless.

Prana Pulling

A natural energy lift that gives you vitality, stamina and courage to meet life’s challenges.

Finger Tracing

A focused practice to help relieve nervousness, agitation or anxiety.



Learn new ways of moving to release your tight body areas, relieve tensions, stiffness and pain.


Focused breath work and specific breathing techniques for enhancing your health and mood.


Proven practices that shift your mood, reduce your pain, improve your focus and bring calm.


Teaching of hand and body positions, visualisation and imagery to naturally balance your energy. 


Instruction into restful positions with tailored techniques to settle your nervous system. 

About your Yoga Therapist - Caroline Giles

Caroline Giles (4)

Caroline’s understanding and application of pain management will benefit anyone experiencing chronic pain. It is not just her thorough knowledge in the latest pain management research, but her individualised and gentle approach which sets her work apart. As someone who assists people in chronic pain on a daily basis, I highly recommend these programs for those looking for a greater understanding of pain and how to manage it without the use of medication or invasive techniques.

Kerri Layton
Myotherapist, Myotherapy and Movement Clinic

Important note

Please read our Client Terms of Service carefully. Your use of our Services is your acceptance of these Terms. 

It is always important to seek medical guidance before commencing any new form of movement practice. Similarly if you have had a break from practising yoga or a recent change in your physical or health circumstances (like surgery), it is important to obtain an opinion. If you are uncertain about proceeding, please contact me or speak with your health practitioner.

This learning does not, and should not, replace your need for specific medications, other medical advice/ interventions, behavioural counselling and/ or nutritional support. You may find though that with continued practice and awareness, your level of medication lowers or that your attendance with other health practitioners reduces.

In following these practices, Courses, you confirm that you are capable to undertake these practices and so release the producer, Experience Yoga and Caroline Giles, from any liability.