Feeling tense and anxious? Low in energy?
Then try these 4 FREE therapeutic yoga videos to naturally relieve your physical tensions, and improve your mood & energy.

Short movement and breath practices that you can easily fit into your day.
All done in sitting or standing - no experience necessary!
Join me and come out pain-free, revitalised, calm.

Learn to practise Yoga as Therapy

Our poor breathing, moving, feeling, thinking distract us from our natural balanced state.

So that’s what we focus on in Yoga Therapy – easeful techniques to bring into your day.

It is about you, the person, with practices that motivate you to feel good about you.

It is not a one size fits all – it looks and feels different for every person.

It promotes a way of living for youthfulness, vitality and long life.

It creates harmony and peace of mind. 

Join me for a non-competitive approach to ‘yoga’.