By Caroline on the April 30, 2018 how to get up again

We all fall, life gives us all knocks and bumps. Sometimes it feels like the world has just imploded on our doorstep, other times it is less intrusive. No one is immune! Someone else’s life may appear flawless on the outside; however, this is usually not the case.

Seven weeks ago, I misjudged a step and fell, taking the impact on my heel. I was hospitalised, followed by total bedrest, surgery for a fractured heel, plaster, more rest, no weight-bearing, more rest, no asana, more rest. Get the picture?! A potent reminder of how quickly life changes and like it or not, there is no escaping!

I am digging deep, deeper than before, digging for all the rich yogic wisdom, to help me stay sane whilst I heal and to learn from my fall with grace.

This is what is helping me to get back up again and I hope helps you.

Know where you are
Even though the lighthouse disappears from sight during a storm, we know that the beacon is still there. Even if you get bumped off course, remember that the horizon still exists. Yes, it may be time to change direction, maybe not, however until you can see more clearly, you are simply wasting precious energy.

Dig deep for all those ‘tools’ you know you have
When I cannot physically practise on my mat, I know this is my perfect opportunity to be ‘flexible’ and deepen my pranayama, relaxation and meditation practices. Simply, these practices create remarkable healing, energy and clarity amidst all the ‘discomfort’. I go back to helpful books, notes, teachings that have ‘held’ me previously.

Know who your friends are!
Friends are the sunshine of your life. Your true friends send all their love and support in so many different ways. Visitors, socialising, can be tiring and take energy away from your healing. Accept all their love and thoughtful ‘gifts’ as and when you can. Know that the Universe is bringing you back all your past good deeds.

Do all those things you’ve been putting off
Now is the time to do all those things we defer until ’we have more time’! As mundane as they are, clean out your drawers, file your bills, cull your computer directories, sort your photos. Enjoy this cleansing with a sense of achievement, mindfully, in the present.

Know yourself, what you need
Trusting your inner Self when your ‘days’, your ‘business’, your world seemingly fall at your feet, takes focus and determination. Never lose faith in your ability to heal, to learn, to grow and as selflessly as possible, do all those things you need.

Life is a University, we are here to learn. We may think the lessons stupid or irrelevant, however, life is for learning lessons. Well, that’s how I see it!

10 Responses to “How to get up again, when you fall”

  1. So sorry to hear of your injury Caroline
    I am also resting due to hamstring tears in both legs and am learning to be patient throughout the healing process. Pranayama, meditation, restorative asanas are all helping me through. I’ve also found I now have time to do things I’ve been putting off and to enjoy life in the slower lane.
    All the best with your healing & recovery
    Thanks for sharing
    Sending lots of love
    Marcia (from fitness first)

  2. Thanks for sharing your wisdom. Recovery is essential part of life’s journey and offers rich rewards … although these are not always apparent at the time! Sending much love and good health vibes, Michael

  3. Hari Om Caroline,
    So sorry to hear about your unfortunate injury.
    Sending you lots of love, prayers and healing energy.
    Om Shanti,

  4. Yoga teaching is such a physical job! I felt your frustration but hopefully there’s a lot to gain from a misstep, in life and in business. Well done for reflecting back with grace, after sufficient time has lapsed to allow for anger, sadness, frustration and the rest!

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