Inspiring Clients

Whatever the day brings, on their good days and bad, despite aches and pains, students consistently show up. They are the everyday person like you and me – no fancy yoga pants here.



Jacquie tells me that she is not your typical yoga student, yet she started with me some 15 years ago now and still comes most weeks. So how does that happen?!

Jacquie has truly learnt that yoga practice on the mat needs to be adapted over the years and each time she practises and that by making a commitment with others, she is more likely to continue.

Jacquie loves the benefits and friendships that come from a small, dedicated community and continuously looks for ways to connect with others.

Jacquie has intuitively ‘gifted’ me many ideas for the business and always follows-up by supporting these. One recent idea during Covid was to create a tailored more therapeutic video for her requirements, as her home practice. She subsequently purchased more than one, as did other students.

These are Jacquie’s words about yoga:

As someone who is desk-bound much of my time, the tailored therapeutic practices Caroline recently gave me are essential to my day-to-day well-being and stamina. Caroline is always encouraging development and self-challenge and is remarkably kind and patient.

Yoga client


Helen was introduced to me some 8 years ago, by our hairdresser and mutual friend. Helen’s willingness to welcome the new was evident when we first met.

From day one on the mat, Helen embraced all the practices of yoga, not just the physical. Her keen mind and intellect invited her to integrate these practices into her day in a way that now supports her well-being and life. One of her more challenging commitments is her daily meditation.

Helen is not one to ’shine a light’ on herself, yet selflessly and often anonymously encourages others. She has loyally supported my business and teachings and has ‘buddied’ many a student to stay on the path. This is the real thing – yoga in everyday life.

Helen is a front-line health worker and daily has placed herself and her family at risk during Covid. Yet no one would know this. A recent comment by her was.. I feel ready for anything including not making it through. My main concerns are for others rather than myself… Clients like Helen are people who inspire me to keep doing what I do.

These are Helen’s words about yoga:

I have changed so much since I met you that I hardly recognise myself. I’m so grateful for all the teachings and the effect on my life.

Joan 2018


As you can see, yoga is not the only passion of this fit ‘senior’ lady! Joan has many admirable qualities and one is her steadfast weekly commitment at Experience Yoga for some 8 years now. 

Over her years of practice on the mat, Joan has adapted due to various physical conditions and health concerns. However consistent with the traditional interpretation of hatha yoga, to balance and unite, Joan continues to find her place of centre (and not be deterred!)

She does love restorative yoga and the odd workshop or two! Her talents have also generously included being a ‘model’ on this website.

Yoga extends way beyond the mat and Joan demonstrates this by her contribution to the sangha (community) at the studio. Her amazing cooking skills have featured at numerous workshops and retreats, and her kindness extends to many a student past and present.

These are Joan’s words about yoga:

I have discovered the importance of the physical and mental well-being that yoga brings to my life. It can be challenging, but once hooked you become committed to the harmony that yoga creates.



John proudly posted this photo for me on the top of Machu Picchu, this year. I love seeing how far students can progress! 

John has been attending my weekly early morning yoga classes for some 4 years now. John may never touch his toes, but that’s not why he comes!

He experiences how his body moves more freely after class and how with practice, the niggles in his body seem less irritating.

His staff actually know when he has been to class, as he is calmer and happier!

He and his wife have also booked the weekend retreat with my Swami next January. Impressive!

So, if you’re male, have injuries and think yoga is for bendy women – think again! Join me for a class soon…



This keen surfer found me via Google recently and came for a block of private sessions. His desire was to learn in a calm space.

His love of the elements and respect for nature, created a fabulous synergy with yoga.

Specifically, he wished to manage lower back stiffness, keep his joints ‘oiled’ and improve his breath control and mind.

He already knew that staying ‘present’ in the surf is vital, and that ‘panicking’ when submerged simply burns his oxygen supply.

Did you know that deeper breathing and more oxygen is NOT always a good thing?

With regular sessions and practice we created a routine that supports his physical job, his love of surfing and his desire to maintain health for the long-term. His sleep has improved, as has his mood.

Wholistic yoga is not just for women. And it’s not about being ‘bendy’!

Barry NZ


Barry, a weekly yoga student since 2008, shared this photo on top of Ben Lomond, New Zealand, in February 2018. Barry has had 2 hip replacements in the past 6 years and has continued yoga with me all this time!

Barry ‘swears’ by yoga! Just last week, he told me about his great golf swing, the same afternoon as yoga class! Followed by a good night’s sleep.

Yoga, meditation and restorative yoga have taught Barry a range of techniques to move easefully, manage pain, prepare for, and recover from, his surgeries. Asana addresses hip stability and strengthening of related muscle groups, in addition to poses to ease his lower back tightness.

Since recent retirement, Barry now attends my weekly Friday morning therapeutic class and ensures monthly restorative yoga is in his diary. He practices yoga poses in the pool and a few more on pool deck!

I love witnessing how traditional ancient yoga with a therapeutic approach, can complement modern medicine, to bring such positive outcomes.

Read Barry’s full journey with yoga here

Phoebe and Greg (2)

Phoebe and Greg

Phoebe and Greg live in my street, the same street where my studio is!

Phoebe started coming to my evening class about 8 years ago and has been here ever since! Phoebe is one of these friendly, generous souls who is so happy to create connection. I’ve lost count of the number of people she has recommended to my studio or the meals she has cooked for events or when I’m sick.

This generosity of spirit to me is the classic sign of a yogini in everyday life. We don’t need to stand on our head to practice ‘yoga’.

Phoebe and Greg love to keep active, as you can see from this gorgeous photo taken in Broome. They both play competitive hockey and are keen sailors. Like all of us, they have had the odd bit of surgery and do have many aches and pains.

However, week in week out both of them now come, to ease tight joints, recover from sport’s injuries and aim for some quiet in the mind.

These are Phoebe’s words:

I love my weekly yoga sessions as they have helped me in so many ways. Bringing awareness to my core, improving my flexibility and helping with my upper body strength. All these have helped me to continue playing hockey without having to go to see the Osteo or Physio so often. I am thrilled that my husband has finally started to attend and he loves it! He keeps telling everyone how much it’s helping his flexibility and his hockey.

Inspiring clients


Janice is proud to say that she came to yoga as a 62-year-old beginner! Every Wednesday for the past 18 months, Janice has risen early to join other residents in her apartment building, for Sunrise Yoga.

Janice comes from a family who is keen on sport and she is committed to staying mobile and active. This photo is on the Camino trail, a walk of over 800 km that she has completed 3 times in the past 5 years!!

Since commencing yoga, Janice has continued her learning and commitment in 2019 by attending Swami programs in January, the Spring day retreat, evening restorative classes, and now Friday morning therapeutic classes at my studio. Impressive!!

Invariably when people approach yoga as a whole of life practice, their biological age, past medical history and degree of flexibility are rendered irrelevant. These are the people creating lifelong healthy habits, that benefit not only themselves but those who witness them.

These are Janice’s words about yoga:

I highly recommend Sunrise Yoga, a class I started some 18 months ago as a 62-year-old beginner. I am not particularly flexible and have issues with my knee and also back. I have learnt that yoga is for everyone and that my practice can be adjusted to suit my body. I always leave class feeling better than when I walked in, relaxed and proud of my efforts. Well worth the early start.