Meditation Classes in Melbourne

Dis-connect from your outer chatter, your unmindful activity, the noisy world and take a step within.

Move from daydreaming, rumination, unhelpful self-talk
to being efficient, effective and present.

Meditation makes your mind strong and powerful.
You need a strong and powerful mind to be yourself in this world!
Meditation Brighton Melbourne

Some of the demonstrated benefits of meditation:

Did you know?

Meditators are less at risk for psychological disturbances.
Sat Bir PhD

Following major back surgery with a long period of recovery ahead of me, I decided to learn to meditate @ Experience Yoga. My post op pain was improved considerably through meditating and by learning how to relax more effectively. Even more beneficial was that mentally I felt not only calmer and more accepting of my limitations, but more positive and mindful in everyday tasks. I would recommend & encourage meditation practice to everyone but particularly to anyone recovering from any illness or surgery.

Kim, Physiotherapist
Meditation classes Melbourne

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