Why meditate?

There are hundreds of studies published in scientific journals demonstrating that when practised regularly, meditation can assist in preventing, managing and coping with a range of physical, psychological and emotional health issues.

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Meditation workshop


Whether new or experienced in meditation, we all benefit from a ‘refresher’ and encouragement in our practice. This can be by: reviewing techniques, asking questions, sitting with others to deepen our experience.

Come along for this afternoon with like-minded others, be guided in practice and ask all your questions! I’ll be sharing wisdom from my mentor (with some 47 years’ meditation experience!) and from my daily practice. We all experience bumps along the way!

Cost: $55/$50C; $100 per couple. Afternoon tea provided
Bookings essential by clicking on 20 July on the Timetable.

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What is meditation?

Normally our mind is running here and there, and when we try and focus it even for a fraction of a second we find it somewhere else!

Whenever the mind runs off and we gently bring it back to a single point of focus (known as the object of meditation) this is concentration (dharana). As we are able to โ€˜holdโ€™ the mind for a little longer, then we are approaching meditation (dhyana).

According to The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali Book 3 (Portion on Contemplation), verses 1 – 3, meditation (dhyana) is the culmination of concentration (dharana).

When practised regularly, meditation brings more calm, creativity and effectiveness into our everyday life, reducing stress and enhancing our mindโ€™s capabilities. It helps us stay focussed and is a powerful antidote to the information-overload in our digital world.

Benefits of meditation

Some of the documented benefits of meditation include:

  • Lowered heart rate, reduced adrenalin production and improved digestion with a consequent lowering in reported stress levels.
  • Demonstrable effects on the brain and immune function in positive ways, resulting in a significant reduction in illness.
  • An increase in melatonin production resulting in improved quality of sleep.
  • A slowing of age-related thinning of the frontal cortex, which is responsible for our thinking, planning and reasoning skills.
  • Establishment of new pathways in the brain (neural connections) to reinforce positive changes and reduce old/negative behaviours.
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The meditation course was comprehensive, nurturing and very effective. It helped significantly in the management and reduction of my pain and to calm me personally.Thanks to Caroline, I have incorporated a daily meditation practice into my life, with huge benefits. I am a convert!

Anna, Dental Specialist

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