Meditation Melbourne

Dis-connect from your outer chatter, your unmindful activity,
the noisy world and take a step within.

Move from daydreaming, rumination, unhelpful self-talk
to being efficient, effective and present.
Meditation makes your mind strong and powerful.
You need a strong and powerful mind to be yourself in this world!
Some of the demonstrated benefits of meditation:
  • A slowing of age-related thinning of the front of your brain, preserving your thinking, planning and reasoning skills.
  • A reduction in adrenalin production, improving your digestion and lowering your stress levels.
  • An increase in melatonin production, enhancing your quality of sleep.
  • A protective effect on brain gray matter that counteracts the effects of chronic pain.
  • A change in your brain patterning, enhancing positive rather than negative thoughts.
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Meditation classes Melbourne

Did you know?

Meditators are less at risk for psychological disturbances.
Sat Bir PhD

Following major back surgery with a long period of recovery ahead of me, I decided to learn to meditate @ Experience Yoga. My post op pain was improved considerably through meditating and by learning how to relax more effectively. Even more beneficial was that mentally I felt not only calmer and more accepting of my limitations, but more positive and mindful in everyday tasks. I would recommend & encourage meditation practice to everyone but particularly to anyone recovering from any illness or surgery.

Kim, Physiotherapist

Meditation classes Melbourne
  • Improve your emotional state, your decision making and your problem solving.
  • Approach the mind gently, creating a most friendly internal environment.
  • Learn to become your mind’s best friend.

iRest yoga nidra – a guided body-centered meditation (sitting or lying)
Thursdays @ 12-1230pm
A low cost session during Covid (via Zoom).

iRest is a simple guided form of meditation based on the ancient tradition of yoga nidra and adapted for modern life. When practised regularly iRest enables you to meet each moment of your life with unshakable peace and well-being.


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