Move with less pain - Course details

Move with less pain will teach you to:

  • calm the activity of your nervous system so that your body and brain are less reactive. This will assist your mood, emotions, sleep, and capacity for learning and change.
  • build awareness and skill in easeful movement patterns to enhance  your energy flow, whilst improving coordination and posture.
  • identify and reduce ‘held’ tightness, by repatterning the ‘cling wrap’ (fascia) around your muscles.
  • adapt classical yoga practices including poses and breath work, to access their benefits without strain.
  • understand and modify your thought patterns to identify how this influences your ‘pain’.

How is the content available?

  • all content is password protected.
  • audio mp4 recordings – to download to your computer or phone.
  • videoes – accessible at any time and to download to your computer or view on your phone.
  • PDF documents of practices including images, photos – to download, save and print.
  • optional inclusion in a closed, private Facebook group, to post questions and engage in discussions.
  • optional Skype call (additional cost) to further develop the practices for you. This is available at a reduced cost at the time of booking.


This is a 5 module course including:

Module 1: A contemporary understanding of pain
This module explains how your biology, psychology and social factors (called the biopsychosocial approach) influence your experience and recovery from pain. Practical tools and techniques are introduced that you can apply each day.

Module 2: Move with less pain
This module provides video sequences of somatic (easeful) movement practices; yin poses for fascia repatterning; and adaptations of classical yoga poses. These practices create a deeper awareness of your unconsciously held tensions. Regaining movement in ways that do not create pain, is the focus.

Module 3: Rest – it may be a 4-letter word!
The focus of this module is how to activate the calm state of your nervous system. Constant activation of the ‘fight and flight’ (danger) mode of your nervous system increases your stress hormone levels and your sensations of discomfort. Set-up of restful poses on video and with PDF documents; audio of targetted relaxation techniques; included.

Module 4: A good night’s sleep
It is well known that a restful night’s sleep improves most things, including your capacity to cope with physical discomfort. This module includes audio of breathing and meditation practices to invoke restful sleep; getting back to sleep; and dealing with wakefulness.

Module 5: Managing your emotions and mind
How the breath, emotions, and mind work together is the focus of this final module. Audio of specific breathing practices; video of mudra (hand positions) for balancing emotional states; audio of meditations (for sitting, lying, on the go) with yogic philosophy; included. 


Why work with me?

Yoga Therapist

  • I am an internationally certified Yoga Therapist and senior Yoga Teacher.
  • Daily I apply these principles to my back pain, recovery from surgery and life’s many complex challenges!
  • I have been teaching people with a range of injuries, health, and chronic health issues for more than 14 years.
  • I study somatic (easeful) movement principles and have trained with the world leader in pain education and research, the Neuro Orthopedic Institute (NOI) in Adelaide, Australia.

My private clients have benefited from these approaches, in particular, their capacity to adjust their lives and resume activities they love.

I decided to work with Caroline following major back surgery, knowing I had a long period of recovery ahead of me . My post op pain improved considerably by learning how to relax more effectively and through meditating. However, even more beneficial was I felt not only calmer and more accepting of my limitations, but more positive and mindful in every day tasks. I recommend and encourage these practices to everyone, but particularly if recovering from illness or surgery. Kim, Physiotherapist


Important dates

Midnight Monday 25 February 2019 = payment in full or 1st instalment
March 2019 = Modules 1 & 2 delivered to your inbox
April 2019 = Module 3 delivered to your inbox
May 2019 = Module 4 delivered to your inbox
June 2019 =  Module 5 delivered to your inbox

Full course investment in 2019


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Course $995 + *
Skype call $160 = $1155
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Payment plan (2019) = 3 instalments of $380
1st instalment due on booking; subsequent instalments due end month 1, end month 3. Missed payments result in loss of access to all content.
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Course instalment $380 + *Skype call $160 = $540
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*Additional 45 minute Skype session, including a personal program = $160 (when paid at the time of booking). $200 thereafter.
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Cancelation policy

All cancelations are required by email to Cancelations received prior to course commencement incur an administration fee of 20% of the total course fee. No refunds are provided after course commencement.

Interested to know more? 

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Please note
It is important to advise that this course does not, and should not, replace your need for specific medications, other medical advice/interventions, behavioural counselling and/or nutritional support. You may find though that with continued practice and awareness, your level of medication lowers or that your attendance with other health practitioners reduces.

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