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All my students are inspiring! Truly. Whether they (or you) come once or countless times to my studio, they all have a story. A story of their journey to start yoga and their intention to continue.

Recently, I’ve become aware of the journeys of some of my male students. Firstly, please note that this blog is not about bias or gender, or about singling out any one student over another. It’s simply that over my more than 14 years of teaching, fewer men still come to, or continue, yoga.

I believe there is always a reason to talk about this more….

Men tell me that they will never touch their toes, so what’s the point? Or that they feel intimated in a class full of women, who are more ‘bendy’. Men are surprised when I say that ‘bending like a pretzel’ is irrelevant to the practice of yoga.

The men who come to my studio and continue to come weekly many years on, may not have touched their toes, but perhaps have ‘touched’ on the less obvious benefits of a steady practice. Or understand that the benefits happen off not on the mat.

Barry – who practises yoga poses in the pool, to manage pain and stiffness from 2 hip replacements.

John – whose staff actually know when he has been to class, as he is calmer and happier!

Anthony – who realised the fabulous synergy of yoga with his love of the elements and respect for nature.

I’d love you and your male family/friends to read more about these clients.

And revisit the page soon, for more additions and inspiration!

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I’m Caroline Giles, a Yoga Therapist and Yoga Teacher, and the owner of Experience Yoga. I’m inspired to teach you practices of yoga for health, well-being and wholeness. My students are the everyday person like you and me. They come to create strength, vitality, inner peace and courage in their life through the practices of yoga.

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