Yoga as Therapy: Relief for Neck Tension

Enjoy this easeful movement practice to reduce your upper body and neck stiffness.

Short therapeutic yoga techniques you can safely & easily fit into your day. 

Nothing special to join in – just a stable chair! 

What you will notice from this practice is:

 – an improvement in your posture

 –  a more relaxed breath 

 – an overall reduction in tensions

 – and an increased feeling of well-being. 

What could be better?!


Learn new ways of moving to release your tight body areas, relieve tensions, stiffness and pain.


Focused breath work and specific breathing techniques for enhancing your health and mood.


Proven practices that shift your mood, reduce your pain, improve your focus and bring calm.


Teaching of hand and body positions, visualisation and imagery to naturally balance your energy. 


Instruction into restful positions with tailored techniques to settle your nervous system. 

My weekly yoga sessions @ Experience Yoga for over 7 years now have helped me continue playing hockey without seeing the Osteopath or Physiotherapist as often. I am learning to breathe more deeply and to meditate both of which are a challenge for me. I am thrilled that my husband has finally started, and he loves it! He keeps telling everyone how much it is helping his flexibility and his hockey.

Phoebe & Greg, mother, retired Business Manager

Frequently Asked Questions:

In general, these practices are not strenuous however require a reasonable state of health. As stated in the Important Note below, before starting any new form of practice, I do recommend seeking the opinion of your health professional. 

You can also connect with me via the Contact Page, and we can talk through any concerns prior to your purchase.

Most of the practices (especially any breathing or meditation) can be completed in a chair or on your bed. You can also sit on some height on your mat, like on a bolster or on some folded blankets. 

If you wish to talk through any concerns prior to your purchase, please connect with me via the Contact Page.

All these Courses and practices are based on my 15 years of teaching experience with a vast range of students. I also work therapeutically, supporting people individually with complex health issues. In general, this is not the expertise you will receive in a public group yoga class. 

You can read more about my experience here.

There are many reasons why people have intermittent or persistent pain. All these Courses focus on mindful practices to repattern the brain-body connections, to create long-lasting change.

As stated in the Important note below, these learnings do not replace any medical advice/medications. However you may notice with continued practice that your need for these changes.

These Courses and practices are designed to be complementary to other health professional input. Body-based treatments can be particularly useful as they target specific body areas.

If you are unsure, please talk with your health professional or contact me for a chat here

Important Note

Please read our Client Terms of Service carefully. Your use of our Services is your acceptance of these Terms. 

It is always important to seek medical guidance before commencing any new form of movement practice. Similarly if you have had a break from practising yoga or a recent change in your physical or health circumstances (like surgery), it is important to obtain an opinion. If you are uncertain about proceeding, please contact me or speak with your health practitioner.

This learning does not, and should not, replace your need for specific medications, other medical advice/ interventions, behavioural counselling and/ or nutritional support. You may find though that with continued practice and awareness, your level of medication lowers or that your attendance with other health practitioners reduces.

In following these practices, Courses, you confirm that you are capable to undertake these practices and so release the producer, Experience Yoga and Caroline Giles, from any liability. 

This video is guided by a Yoga Therapist and includes easeful movement, conscious breathing and mindfulness. 

Whilst practising, please listen to your own body and stay aware of your current state of mind. Stop as feels necessary.

It is always important to consult your medical or health professional before commencing any new form of practice.

In following this video, you confirm that you are capable to undertake these practices and so release the producer, Experience Yoga and Caroline Giles, from any liability.

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