It’s all about you! Apparently the majority of small business owners write about themselves….gulp… It is though a constant edge between credibility and exposure.

So for now I hope this article speaks to you.

Most likely your days are filled with busy-ness, sensory overload, juggling too many balls, doing the right thing and an expectation of ‘hanging it all together’. And of course, everyone has it more together than you. If you or a loved one are in this story, read on..

You probably experience lower back discomfort and/or some form of persisting pain state. The quality of your sleep is variable and your mood may often feel out of your control! You’d love more ‘quality’ time for yourself as family or work drain most of your emotional energy. Your intention is always to be more fit, eat more greens, drink more water, do yoga, meditate –  however this never seems to happen.

What to do? I’ll keep this SHORT!

Pain/altered sensation – Wishing your pain to go away just doesn’t work. You need to identify the patterns in your movements, behaviour, thoughts, experiences and habits that affect the way you ‘hold’ yourself in the world. Seek help here. And do note that the latest research indicates that if we did not have a brain, we would not experience pain!

Healthy eating – Start shopping at a Farmer’s market or aim to cook for a week using no packaged food! This can require some inspiration and a great resource is a local Nutritionist.

Sleep – 2016 research conducted in Australia to inform the 2017 World Sleep Day indicated how important your pre-bed routine is to a good night’s sleep. NO screens a minimum of one hour before sleep is vital!

Stress – An important step is understanding and accepting how stress affects ALL aspects of your being. The Connection DVD is a contemporary and powerful insight here and the author’s website is bountiful with articles and books.

Mind – Sorry, there are NO short cuts here! I truly do not believe that guided meditation or a lying down yoga nidra is an alternative. We all need to befriend our minds and become comfortable with sitting still, regardless of what comes up in our thoughts. Our thoughts are incredibly powerful – catch your thinking, cultivate your thinking.

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