What is Yoga Therapy?

Yoga Therapy Melbourne

Therapeutically, yoga is like a life raft. Yoga Therapy gets you back onto the life raft and integrated into yourself, before you drown! Gary Kraftsow, pioneer Yoga Therapist

There is a growing awareness that ‘yoga’ may help with many health conditions. Many now come to yoga classes not necessarily in good health. They are aware that yoga can be safe and effective. Having failed to find relief with conventional treatment, they make the rounds of alternative modalities including yoga.

By and large though, most yoga classes are an exercise class in a venue with like-minded others. Some come to understand that yoga is more than exercise and explore other aspects, such as pranayama or meditation.

A group yoga class could be therapeutic, but it does not address specific health concerns and is not Yoga Therapy.

Yoga Therapy is not:

a glorified physical therapy or a system of physical practices!

a prescriptive set of techniques for particular health conditions.

Yoga Therapy:

adapts yoga practices to relieve duhkha (suffering) at the physical (body), energetic (breath, prana), emotional (mood), psychological (thoughts, mind) and spiritual level.

develops a practice without aggravating your condition, to build confidence that you can manage your condition, through your own actions.

works individually with people who have a range of conditions e.g. physical ailments,disease; however also those with emotional challenges, overwhelming life stressors.

is complementary – it is not a substitute for medical or other interventions, especially with more serious conditions.

is to help people develop a better attitude and get a better perspective on themselves and their health. Gary Kraftsow

A Yoga Therapist’s job is to:

listen completely to understand why you have come to see them and determine a range of practices that may benefit you.

explore ways with you to reduce or manage your symptoms, improve your day-day life, and support your attitude to your health and well-being.

establish appropriate goals with you, explore with you how to practise and improve, so that you can create effective change.

give you a unique prescription, as we are all unique! This includes addressing emotional, psychological, even spiritual aspects of your life.

Interested to understand more?

Book a free 15 minute (no obligation) phone call with me to talk about your current condition and options for Yoga Therapy.

I’m Caroline Giles, a Yoga Therapist and Yoga Teacher, and the owner of Experience Yoga. I’m inspired to teach you practices of yoga for health, well-being and wholeness. My students are the everyday person like you and me. They come to create strength, vitality, inner peace and courage in their life through the practices of yoga.

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