In a world that keeps turning at an ever-increasing pace, it feels essential to find a still point and experience our natural state of calm and peace.

Current research, evidence-based guidelines and more, now advocate that you meditate regularly, as a component of long-lasting health and happiness.

There are many different approaches to settle an overactive mind – guided practices, meditation to music, walking meditation, mindfulness ….

Most of these approaches invite concentration (dharana) – bringing the mind gently back to a single point of focus.

However, it is in the ‘holding’ of the mind for a little longer, that we are approach meditation (dhyana). Yoga Sutras of Patanjali Book 3 (Portion on Contemplation), verses 1 – 3.

There are countless reasons to meditate. To meditate:

    • invites us to ‘sit’ with what is going on in the mind.

    • teaches us to meet ourselves with kindness and greet even the harshest critic in the mind.

    • brings increased awareness to ourselves in the world, to observe the effects of our thoughts and emotions on our conversations, friendships, work.

    • rebuilds grey matter in the brain, ‘matter’ that improves our memory, problem-solving, decision making and other important brain tasks! It does, however, take a minimum of 8 week’s consistent practice (Harvard 2014).

    • improves our ability to regulate emotions and can reduce anxiety and depression, through changes in the amygdala in the brain.

    • creates a progressive path to freedom from habitual patterns we find ourselves in.

    • requires practice, practice, practice!

Learn to meditate with ease, Saturday 18 May

Find, develop, or deepen your meditation practice, in a way that is both enjoyable and sustainable. I’ll be sharing fresh insights from Swami Asokananda’s recent visit and his years’ of experience. You can read feedback from his January workshop below:

I loved this session – it has really helped me deepen my already regular meditation practice. 

What a practical and useful workshop. Finally exactly what I needed, and I have since started to enjoy my meditation!

Amazing to see how Swami could make the material so relevant and accessible for all.

To find out more and book in, click here

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