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An Integral Yoga® hatha class includes physical poses (asanas), deep relaxation, breathing techniques (pranayama) and seated meditation. All these ancient yoga practices enhance and develop your physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual well-being.

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Integral Yoga® teaches a clear sequence that when practised regularly enhances flexibility and strength, energy and vitality, harmony and peace of mind.

The benefits of this approach have been published in research (for example The Lancet on reversing heart disease) and in notable work at the Commonweal Cancer Help Centre.

Weekly classes are offered at the studio in 10-week blocks. This creates a commitment to develop a regular practice that supports your day-day life. As studio space is limited, prior booking is required for all classes.

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Integral Yoga® class

Integral Yoga® is a scientific system and the class is practised in a particular sequence, to bring your body, emotions and mind to their natural state of equilibrium.

  • Sanskrit chanting at the beginning and end to steady your mind.
  • Asana (physical poses) with a sequence of sun salutes, balance, backward and forward bends, inversions and twists to tone and massage your system.
  • Yoga nidra (deep relaxation) to achieve a profound state of rest by slowing down your breathing and heart rate.
  • Pranayama (conscious breathing practices) to regulate your energy flow and deepen the connection between body and mind.
  • Meditation, a brief seated meditation that invites stillness to your mind.

What to expect

Experience Yoga teaches traditional yoga practices alongside therapeutic courses and consultations, bringing health and wellbeing to those seeking a more balanced life. At the studio you will experience:

  • A serene ambience and tranquil outlook that embodies the ‘spirit’ of yoga, to enhance your experience of the wholistic nature of traditional yoga.
  • A guided 1½ hour practice with a more personal approach, to create an environment for you to understand and learn all the different facets of Integral Yoga®.
  • A supportive community environment to practise and connect with like-minded people.
  • A clean, clear space with the use of all equipment, however bringing your own mat is preferred to encourage your practice at home.
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I love my Tuesday yoga class in this relaxing and peaceful space. I have more flexibility, strength and balance from practising yoga with Caroline over a number of years. And I no longer need regular visits to a remedial massage therapist for chronic shoulder and neck pain from a work injury of many years ago.

Heather, Quality Consultant

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