Therapeutic Yoga Class – Ease Body Stiffness

Come and unravel habitual patterns of tension
Experience a deeper release into your bones and joints
Enjoy a lightness in your body, emotions and mind

A balanced practice of yoga creates lasting change on the inside, as you move and focus mindfully from the outside.

Do you…

 – ‘feel’ accumulated tensions in your body and wish to set them free?

 – believe that ‘stretching’ is the answer to relieve tight spots in your body?

 – feel life is hectic and you are physically as well as emotionally depleted?



Join me, an experienced Yoga Therapist, to practise:

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LIMITED spaces to ensure a quality and unique experience

Suitable for ALL 

Read our guidelines for online yoga class here

There are benefits to you!

Therapeutic Yoga Class - Ease Body Stiffness 1

I've just experienced my first ever Yoga Session with Caroline! Thank you for the confident and skillful way you conducted the Class. I certainly felt the benefits and have incorporated the breathing and joint exercises into my gym program. Thank you again.

Sue, Masters' swimmer