Yoga Therapy Consultations

What to expect

Yoga Therapy requires an initial commitment to 3 individual sessions over a period of 4-6 weeks.
A home program for daily practice is developed together and a preparedness for change is necessary.


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Treatment approaches

lll health and chronic injury often have multiple contributing factors and this approach focuses on you, the whole person, rather than on your condition.

A treatment plan and a home program may include:

  • physical postures (asanas) to relieve tensions, modify movement patterns, create physical ease and/or improve physical function;
  • regulation of the breath and energy flow to enhance vitality, create mental steadiness;
  • meditation techniques to reduce the stress of constant thinking, change habitual thought patterns and/or create an increasing sense of ease;
  • relaxation techniques and restful poses to aid recovery, invite rest and promote healing.
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How it works

Yoga Therapy aims to bring you from ill-ness to well-ness and usually commences with:

  • An initial assessment session to fully understand your symptoms and assess these where appropriate.
  • A 2nd session to develop a treatment plan and program for your home practice (usually daily).
  • A 3rd session to review your progress and refine or develop further approaches.

Ongoing management may include individual review sessions or inclusion in small therapeutic groups.


Real Life Stories

Many students come week in and week out to my classes. Like all of us they experience life’s joys, but also life’s hardships and challenges.

I’m delighted to share some of their journeys with yoga and meditation, to bring to life the practices of yoga on and off the mat.

Real Life Stories


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Being a Type A personality and enjoying good health all my life, I found the limitations and complications from recent shoulder surgery very stressful and was feeling powerless and a bit sad. I knew pain management was essential and contacted Caroline as I had previously attended her excellent yoga classes. After one-on-one therapeutic sessions with daily practices e.g meditation, tailored to my specific needs, my pain has decreased significantly and I am now ready for gentle yoga!

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