Yoga Therapy Melbourne

Medicine takes a short-term approach to ill-ness.
Yoga Therapy explores a long-term approach to well-ness.

The ancient science of yoga has long been understood as the panacea for good health.
Yoga Therapy applies all these principles of yoga to support you to create long-lasting change.
Come and learn how to be responsible to manage your own health.
Yoga Therapy Melbourne

What is Yoga Therapy?

Why come?

What is Yoga Therapy

How is Yoga Therapy different from ‘yoga’?

How does it work?

Yoga Therapist Caroline Giles
Yoga Therapist Caroline Giles

Who is a Yoga Therapist?

As a Yoga Therapist I am passionate to develop yogic lifestyle practices with you, to evolve you into the best version of yourself in this life! Consistently I create effective change with people seeking to improve musculo-skeletal issues (such as back complaints); persisting or chronic pain; mental health (anxiety, depression); and sleep.

Yoga Therapy Classes (Group) in Brighton, Melbourne

Release unnecessary emotions, thoughts and actions that come from ‘pushing’ yourself physically or mentally.

People of all ages and walks of life come to practise regularly for long-term stability, mobility and peace of mind.
They are seeking self-care for their bodies and mind for the long haul and know there are no ‘quick fixes’.


Yoga Therapy classes are ideal if you:

Please note that joining this class requires prior individual Yoga Therapy sessions.
Therapy Class Melbourne
What is Yoga Therapy

Why come?

The Yoga Therapy class includes:

It’s about practising the yin (ease) and the yang (strength) of movement, breath and mind.

Yoga Therapy class

Yoga as Therapy
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