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Yoga Therapy Consultations

Yoga Therapy is provided by way of individual consultation in a professional relationship. Caroline is an experienced, qualified Yoga Teacher and an accredited Yoga Therapist, who has completed additional specialised studies in the therapeutic applications of yoga.

Caroline specialises in the assessment and education of clients with musculo-skeletal issues (such as back complaints); persisting or chronic pain; mental health conditions (such as anxiety, depression); and sleep disturbances.

Yoga Therapy focuses on your health and well-being in a comprehensive and coordinated way. Yoga Therapy supports you to be responsible for managing your own health using the many tools and principles of yoga.

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Therapeutic Hatha Yoga Courses

Fridays 22 September – 8 December 2017 (10 classes)
NO classes on 29 September & 13 October

Spring begins a new cycle of renewal, growth and expansion. It is a time to re-energise from warmer days and cultivate a spirit of aliveness.

This course includes both yin and yang: steadiness and presence whilst in strengthening and supple practice. Create balance through the energy body (koshas), to bring a felt sense of renewal.

Some experience with yoga is helpful. Please contact Caroline if unsure about your suitability to come.

Cost $300. Click on 22 September on the Timetable to book in and pay, as group size limited to 6 students.
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Restorative Yoga

We work very hard in our lives, and while we may sleep, we need to take time to rest.

Restorative yoga invokes the ‘relaxation response’ as oppose to the ‘fight or flight’ response – the latter occurs when we are under excessive pressure.

These practices are suitable for anyone wishing to relax, and especially those with particular health conditions and/or recovering from illness/injury.

What to expect

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