Yoga Therapy - Keep Moving Easily!

Well done!

You’ve taken the first step towards feeling better each day in your body, emotions and mind.

This safe, short practice will naturally reduce your stiffness, enhance your energy,
and focus your mind as the day begins.

You can do this straight out of bed in your PJs
or perhaps 
at the end of your day to revitalise.

Enjoy! Caroline Giles, Yoga Therapist 

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A bit about me..

As a senior Yoga Teacher I’ve been teaching for over 17 years and learnt a thing or two!

Now with additional qualifications as an internationally-certified Yoga Therapist, I teach you safe practices with a direct therapeutic benefit that positively influence your mood, movement, sleep, stress, pain and life!

My passion is to encourage your life-long commitment to health, well-being and inner balance. I’d love to support you!

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