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It’s hard to believe, but almost half of Australians (47% or 11.6 million) across all age groups were estimated to have one or more chronic health conditions* in 2020–21 (latest census data ABS 2022a).

*These chronic conditions include arthritis & osteoporosis; asthma; back problems; cancer; chronic kidney disease; chronic pulmonary disease; diabetes; emotional & psychological conditions (including mood disorders, addictions); dementia.

So this includes you, me, maybe both of us! 

Whilst we may think that chronic health conditions happen when we are 70 or 80, it’s a sobering wake-up call to look at the statistics:

  • 5 million (20%) people have an emotional or psychological condition, most prevalent in both males and females aged 15–44 (25%)
  • 3.9 million (16%) have back problems, including sciatica, disc disorders, most common amongst people aged 45–64 (23%)
  • 3.1 million (12%), more aged 65 and over have arthritis, females (15%) more likely than males (10%), 

These health conditions contribute to our burden of disease, but more importantly to your hip pocket for healthcare costs!

HOWEVER many of the risk factors for these chronic health conditions are preventable, risk factors such as: 

AND so many 
symptoms reported by people with chronic health conditions can be modified:

Yoga Therapy Melbourne

Yoga Therapy is one of many wholistic approaches that complements conventional treatment for chronic health conditions.
It supports you with:


Unremitting stress, anxiety, mood changes so often accompany chronic health conditions. 
It is vital to reduce your stress levels as these only worsen your condition.
Yoga Therapy offers a range of techniques including relaxation in 
restorative poses, breathwork tailored to your condition, mind repatterning. 


EXPLORING UNDERLYING ISSUES (that is, what else is going on in your life?) 
Your health condition can be adversely affected by your lifestyle including significant career/work changes; relationship/partner issues; significant environmental shifts; limited time and opportunity for wellness or spiritual nurturing. 
Yoga Therapy is more than just managing your symptoms, we discuss and explore lifestyle changes that are possible both in the short and long term.


It can be tough dealing with ongoing health issues alone. A Yoga Therapist works closely with you to discover what works for you, what suits you and what you will enjoy.
Yoga Therapy develops a personalised plan of safe and effective practices with you for your daily and home practice.

Yoga Therapy is not about flexibility and you do not need to do vigorous poses or practices! 
It is suitable for all ages and abilities.
Yoga Therapy addresses physical function including mobility, balance, coordination, that are appropriate and relevant to your condition.

You are empowered to be active in managing your health, learning techniques to bring into your daily life.
Yoga Therapy engages you in regular practices that contribute to a positive outlook, improved self-esteem, and enhanced quality of life, regardless of your health.


We can all harness and improve our natural energy reserves, that promote ease and increased well-being. Tailored breath work not only improves respiratory conditions, but enhances lung capacity and function in everyone. 
In Yoga Therapy breathing practices (pranayama) enhance focus, improve digestion, promote deeper sleep and induce the calmer nervous system state.


You can develop a greater awareness of how your responses to stress, pain, and discomfort influence your health.
Yoga Therapy emphasises the body-mind-soul connection, helping you to navigate your health conditions and be mindful of how to be more present to effect change.


Adopting healthier lifestyles, connections, partnerships for social wellbeing and connectedness lay the basis for long-term change.
Yoga Therapy explores and supports you to explore these avenues.

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A Yoga Therapist is a Health Practitioner who collaborates with other healthcare providers to ensure a comprehensive approach to your health management. 

Remember that yoga therapy is not a substitute for medical treatment. Always consult your healthcare provider before starting any new therapy, including yoga therapy, especially if you have existing medical conditions or concerns.

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