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5 BIG mistakes on the mat

How often do you think that you need to know or ‘perfect’ a pose before joining a class? Or do you copy the person next


Appreciation – 5 simple thoughts

‘The quality of appreciation brings about joy, joy brings calm, calm brings happiness and in happiness the mind gathers in peace.’ Christina Feldman Do you

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Is Yoga Therapy helpful?

Yoga Therapy is not yet a burgeoning part of the Australian healthcare system! However Yoga Therapy is a beneficial, practical, and safe non-pharmacological adjunct to Western

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The Yin to your Yang

The yang (stronger, dynamic) part of ourselves is important to nurture, as it creates action and allows us to get things done. However, to create down time…

7 misconceptions about yoga

Yoga is now seen as anything from a lithe female in a ‘bikini’ pose on Instagram to a vegan fringe dweller following Yoga with Adrienne on YouTube. Seriously ‘yoga’ is none of this and social media…

What is Yoga Therapy?

Therapeutically, yoga is like a life raft. Yoga Therapy gets you back onto the life raft and integrated into yourself, before you drown! Gary Kraftsow, pioneer Yoga Therapist There is a growing…

20 ways to practise your yoga

There are countless ways to practise yoga, that don’t involve being stretchy/bendy or even getting on a mat! In fact, the mat is simply the practice ground for life off the mat. Yoga offers us…

The benefits of yoga

Yoga has become a household word with an abundance of teachers, courses, studios, YouTube videos, clothing and equipment flooding the market. Recent Ray Morgan research (2015-16) indicates that…

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What’s Yoga got to do with it..Yoga Therapy

By the time you leave a yoga class, most people experience some improvement in their health and wellbeing. That’s why many doctors, health practitioners (and spouses!) are recommending yoga, to help…

Guest blog: How to heal your gut and mind

Welcome to my first guest blog! I’m delighted that Sal Prothero, Nutritionist from Whole Food Nutrition, is teaming up with Experience Yoga at a weekend restorative session. The focus of her talk is…

5 yoga tips for your back – no mat

One in 7 Australians report back pain and as a result 2 in 5 experience some limitation in their day to day life (Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, 2012). Many use medication,…

Yoga for heart health

Hearing a cardiologist speak at the recent Australian Yoga Therapy conference truly placed a smile on my face. Finally a medical professional was amidst a group of dedicated Yoga Therapists, clearly…